Claudi & Fin's Wonderful World of Adventures

Join us in our world of adventures, jam-packed with games to delight and entertain! Switch off the TV and go and do something less boring instead (we stole that line but it kind of works…!)


SNAKES AND LOLLIES is a brand new twist on a childhood classic.  Whizz up lolly sticks or slither down snakes as you race towards the finish line.  Who will get to those juicy mangoes first?Just Click on the Snakes and Lollies image to print.  Let the games begin!






STRAWBERRY STRAWS  is a fruity game which needs plenty of puff and a good eye for the bullseye.  Great for everyone from toddlers to octogenarians, all you need is some straws!







FIND THE FRUIT: Help our lollies wend their way through this maze to find the lost fruit. From fruity forests to Egyptian exploration this is a great game for the kitchen table when Mum’s got the dinner



COLOUR-AMA: Life is so much better in colour, so help our lollies get theirs back! Get creative with wax crayons, felt tips, even some glitter!


WONDERFUL WORDS: Claudi & Fin lollies are packed with delicious things: creamy Greek style Yoghurt, delicious real fruit, whole milk and lemon.  Can you find the ingredients listed on the left in our grid?  Wordsmiths! This one’s for you…



We hope you enjoyed these games.  Why don’t you tell us what else you’d like to see here by emailing us:, tweeting us @claudifin or sending us a message on Facebook If you prefer the phone, we love a natter 0203 490 8484