This Summer Claudi & Fin hit the Pizza Express Piccolo menu

We’re delighted to announce that Claudi & Fin lollies are now available in Pizza Express restaurants.

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Claudi & Fin join the Pizza Express Family

Mini diners at over 400 Pizza Express restaurants across the country can now choose our lovely lollies as a deliciously healthy dessert option.  The Claudi & Fin Mango variety (a Great Taste Award Winner, no less!) is the first flavour to be included on the menu.

Each lolly is packed full of real mangoes, whole milk and creamy Greek style yoghurt containing calcium, potassium and zinc. There’s also a healthy dose (30%) of an adult’s recommended daily intake of vitamin D, and what’s more, the lollies contain less sugar than 75% of lollies on the market.

Let’s face it, eating out can always be a challenge with little ones at the table and we all want to find healthy options (that they’ll actually eat!) for our little ones.  But now that Claudi & Fin are on the menu they’ll be no arguments over dinner!

Apples, apples everywhere!



Apples, apples everywhere!


Today is ‘Apple Day’, a celebration of all things orchardy and appley. And why not…they’re everywhere – in gardens, parks and piled high in greengrocers. But when they are in such abundance, it can be hard to find enough recipes that really make the most of these delicious fruits.

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BBQ Recipes for the whole Family

Family BBQ recipes

Al fresco food with the family


Temperature above 20 degrees? Time to bust out the BBQ! But what happens if the same old shop bought sausages and burgers start to wear a bit thin? To shake things up a bit, we’ve put together five of our favourite BBQ recipes ideas which all the family can enjoy.  Healthy, tasty and pretty quick to prepare, these dishes are a proper slice of summer.

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Outdoor Fun For Kids

outdoor fun for kids

Kid on beach outdoors


What is that bright yellow shiny thing in the sky? Could it possibly be the actual SUN?! In our house, each time it appears, it’s greeted with the same sort of excitement I imagine you might experience if you spotted a UFO. And because the sun’s been as rare as hen’s teeth this Summer, it’s more important than ever to get out and enjoy it! So….without further ado, here’s our Top 5 fun things to do outdoors with kids.

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From kitchen table to supermarket shelf


It all started with Wheels on the Bus. Not just any old version of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ either, the one at our local playgroup was accompanied by a series of actions only a person with the co-ordination of a ninja would be able to execute. Child’s Play it definitely wasn’t and I found myself bonding with Lucy because, in spite of our best efforts, our actions were more ‘wheels have come off the bus’ than ‘Wheels on the Bus.’

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Mini Apple Pies


Traditionally, mince pies were made using a mixture of dried fruits, spices and meats like lamb or beef.  They were larger than their modern day cousins and oval shaped, because people wanted their festive pies to be the same shape as Jesus’ crib.  Today we’ve all but given up on adding meat (although my Mum still puts suet made from mutton fat in hers!) but even so, for some smaller people the exciting flavours that result from the mix of fruits and spices can be a bit much.

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Lolly Stick Angels

Lolly Stick Angels

This craft is brilliant to do with the kids because there’s plenty of stages they can get involved with – from painting, to drawing on the faces with felt tip.  If they are a bit older they can help with the cutting and gluing too.

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