Lolly Stick Angels

Lolly Stick Angels

This craft is brilliant to do with the kids because there’s plenty of stages they can get involved with – from painting, to drawing on the faces with felt tip.  If they are a bit older they can help with the cutting and gluing too.

What you’ll need for your lolly stick angels:

Coloured Card (to make wings and the star)

9 Lolly sticks (8 whole and two halves)

1 dolly peg




Felt tips

Glitter (for those that can’t live without it!)


Lolly Stick Angels

1. Using card, draw and cut out the angel’s skirt, wings and star.

Lolly Stick Angels

2. Glue the lolly sticks onto the skirt

Lolly Stick Angels

3. Glue on the angel’s arms and wings

Lolly Stick Angels

4. Glue on the dolly peg and glue on the lolly sticks which form the legs.

Lolly Stick Angels

5. Paint the lolly sticks and draw on the angel’s face. Glue on the star.

Hey Presto! Your very own celestial beings!

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