5 Healthy Homemade Recipes To Cook With Kids


Is it really half-term already? In our house that means a constant round of catering – the pre snack snack, the post snack snack, lunches and dinners… it’s one big buffet blur, but how do you keep the little darlings entertained whilst you’re slaving over a hot stove?

One solution is to get them involved and if you can cook something healthy together that they don’t KNOW is healthy, its a win-win situation.  Here’s five great healthy homemade recipes that go down a treat in our house. 

Mango Frozen Yoghurt Ice-cream Recipe 

35647782 - mango ice cream sorbet in olive wood bowl

The kids are always desperate to eat this Mango Frozen yoghurt. It’s based on the recipe for our mango lollies and is a brilliant, healthy alternative to ice cream (if we do say so ourselves). It’s packed with fruit and calcium and contains a lot less sugar than traditional ice cream. Click here to see the recipe and try it out for yourself!

Rainbow Pizzas


If food looks good, it’s always easier to persuade my kids to eat it and these rainbow pizzas tick both the ‘pretty’ and ‘healthy’ boxes. You can put any vegetables you want on them, but peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn and broccoli work well. Kids with an arty streak might be persuaded to arrange the toppings from light to dark for a rainbow effect but sadly mine aren’t that way inclined! Making pizza dough from scratch can be a bit of a faff but these healthy pizza bases from Sweetpea Pantry are blooming marvellous.

Banana Bread

46235794 - banana bread loaf

This is a yummy and simple recipe that our little chefs love making – you just throw all the ingredients in and bung it in the oven. Created by the glamorous sisters Hemsley and Hemsley, the bread has no sugar or flour, but still tastes amazing. It also contains almonds, which are full of Vitamin E and magnesium, and there’s Omega-3-rich flaxseed too – positively angelic. 



Mocktails are brilliant for special occasions and make the kids feel very grown up. This great recipe for a Virgin Pina Colada is packed with pineapples, which are a great source of vitamin C, as well as coconut milk which has loads of healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 


30624265 - popcorn

Popcorn is super easy and really fun to make. Watching the kernels pop in the pan is a constant source of amusement for our kids and never seems to get old! It can also be a really healthy snack because it’s full of fibre and antioxidants. This healthy peanut butter popcorn recipe by Madeleine Shaw, always goes down a storm.

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