About Us

Lucy (pictured here in 70s brown and red) and Meriel  (on the brown sofa – just look at those curtains!) met at a playgroup when their children, Claudia & Fin were very little. The pair bonded over their inability to do the actions to ‘Wheels on the bus’ and a firm friendship was formed.

As the months went by, they discovered a mutual love of great tasting, healthy food, especially for children. After struggling to find any natural ice lollies with wholesome ingredients, they set about making their own at the kitchen table. After months of taste testing they perfected the recipe for Claudi & Fin’s first product – a naturally delicious frozen lolly made with Greek style yoghurt, real fruit and vitamin D. The lolly was a hit with their children and chief taste testers (Claudia and Fin), but also with Sainsbury’s, who were so impressed that they put it straight into their stores.

Claudi & Fin Greek style frozen yoghurt lollies are currently available in two flavours; strawberry and mango but Meriel and Lucy are always busy dreaming up new flavours! You can find us in Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado, Budgen’s and Supervalu and Centra in the Republic of Ireland.

Get Licking!


Claudi and Fin