Lolly stick wreath


Traditionally Christmas wreaths were made from natural materials that still looked attractive at this bleak time of the year – holly berries, evergreens, dried fruits – whatever people could find in their store cupboards and in the hedgerows.

This year we’ve decided to put tradition to one side and create a wreath using a material close to our hearts – Lolly sticks.  It’s cheap (especially if you have as many lolly sticks knocking about as we do!) and we like to think it looks really striking.  You can paint the sticks in any colour and hang them on walls or on the front door – wherever takes your fancy.

If you fancy having a go yourself, here’s what we did.



Glue (UHU or similar)

Scissors for cutting the lolly sticks in half

21 lolly sticks (15 sticks cut in half and 6 sticks left whole)

6 small cardboard circles

6 medium cardboard circles

1 large cardboard circle




  1. Paint the lolly sticks and cardboard circles, allow to dry
  2. Take the largest cardboard circle and spacing evenly, stick six half lolly sticks to it.


3.Take the six medium sized cardboard circles and stick to the other end of your lolly sticks.

4.Using more half lolly sticks, create six diamond shapes, sticking the end of each lolly stick to the cardboard circle – you will end up with a six pointed star.

5. Stick 6 whole lolly sticks to your medium sized cardboard circles, so they fan out.

6. Stick 6 small cardboard circles to ends of each whole lolly stick.

7.  Add two half lolly sticks in a fan to your small cardboard circle. You should end up with giant snowflake shape.


Ta da! A wreath that dares to be different.




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