Mango Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

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Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe:

We go mad for mangoes and their natural sweetness pairs really well with the tart flavours of the Greek yogurt. This simple, healthier alternative to ice cream will go down a storm with the whole family.


200g Fresh mango

550ml Full Fat Greek style Yogurt

140ml Whole milk

100g Sugar

4-5ml Lemon juice


Start by chopping a handful of mango – you’ll use these slices later to add colour and texture to your frozen yogurt.

Blend the rest of the mango using a hand blender until you have a puree.

Add the sugar to the puree and gently heat until all the sugar has dissolved.  Set to one side to cool.  Mix the yogurt and milk together and (once cooled) add the mango.

How to make mango frozen yoghurt ice cream

Once your smooth mixture, add your mango chunks and lemon juice. Top Tip – use slightly more lemon juice than you think – when things are frozen the flavours are not as strong, so you need this acidity to bring out the flavour of the mango.

At this stage, you can either pop the mixture into an ice cream maker or just transfer it straight into a container and freeze. If you plan on eating this on the same day, just freeze it until it has a scoop-able consistency.  If you plan on eating it another day altogether, make sure you take the container out in plenty of time to allow it to soften.


Ta Da! Delicious, healthy, mango froyo.


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