Milk fruit yoghurt and a box of lollies against a green background


Each lolly is made with only the finest natural ingredients, making them a healthier option for health-conscious adults, and the fact that they contain no nasties means they’re ideal for little ones too! 

Boosted with a healthy dose of vitamin D, the live Greek style yoghurt is gut friendly and brings with it calcium, potassium and zinc.


Greek yoghurt in a glass jar against green background
Mango Peach and Strawberry on white background
Milk in a glass bottle against green background

We use creamy Greek style yoghurt for two reasons; the first is it tastes amazing! Plus it has less sugar and almost twice the protein of ‘normal’ yoghurt.  

On our mission to find the perfect fruity flavour we squished a lot of fruit! We’ve put real fruit puree in our lollies because there’s lots of good stuff in fruit; vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

And when it comes to milk it’s the whole way or the highway. Firstly, it tastes a lot better.  Secondly, as soon as you strip out the fat you also strip out the benefits of the vitamins A, D, E and K.

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Our mouth-watering lollies are the low-calorie treat that doesn’t compromise on taste! Whether it’s a sneaky snack or an indulgent dessert you’re hankering after, our all-natural frozen yoghurt lollies are the perfect guilt-free treat for anyone watching their waistline.

Check out Our Lollies for nutrition information and the full list of ingredients.

Three children enjoying ice lollies outside


1 in 4 children in the UK is vitamin D deficient, which means more and more are getting conditions like rickets that stop bones growing normally. It’s really difficult to get vitamin D from our diets (just 10% comes from food), so we’ve added sunshine into every bite by enriching our lollies with vitamin D (30% of an adults recommended daily allowance).