We love a good picnic. Those tasty bites and moreish nibbles. There’s nothing better. July is National Picnic Month so why not pack up a basket and head outside for some al fresco dining?

Up your picnic game and check out our top tips to get you to picnic perfection. It’s time to say goodbye to soggy sandwiches for good!

But first…Where did the word ‘picnic’ come from?

A curious word, it derives from the French ‘pique nique’. Although it isn’t clear what the phrase actually means, it leans to ‘picking’.  It referred to the potluck nature of outdoor eating, where everyone would bring something along for others to share.  And it’s the bring and share nature of the picnic that we really love.

Friends on a picnic blanket

Take food you can pick up easily 

Ditch the soggy sandwiches and opt for food with ready-made handles. We love corn on the cob, chicken satay skewers, fresh fruit kebabs. Even a lovely refreshing ice lolly on a stick! Anything you can pick up easily is so much better than juggling knives and forks.

Little children hugging at a picnic

A fresh take on salads

Salads can quickly become limp and lifeless so opt for crunchy veggie crudites instead.  Again, they’re easy to pick up and can be made tastier with some really great dips.  We love a rainbow of crudites – whole radishes, carrot batons, baby tomatoes, slices of pepper. And if you’re picnicking in a hurry, ditch the home-made dips and pack up a ready-made humous.  You’re all set!

    Crudites and dips at a picnic

    Keep picnic swag to a minimum 

    You can go all out on picnic-related pieces but we say go light.  If you can, skip the folding tables and candelabras and opt for one great picnic blanket instead.  We love the family-sized picnic blankets from Rubbastuff.  Designed to be light and compact enough to take on any adventure plus they’re waterproof, machine washable and long lasting.  Enter our latest giveaway for your chance to win the Lollipop Pacmac family-sized blanket.

    Family walking with picnic blanket and basket

    Leave no trace

    With all the excitement of catching up with family and friends, it can be easy to leave some of your picnic behind.  Make sure you pack a rubbish bag with you to make it easier to take things home.  Maybe you can even pack empty bottles and packaging for recycling too.

    pumpkins in a pumpkin patch

    Pack up a flask…of lollies

    Flasks aren’t just for tea and coffee. Why not pop a few mini ice lollies in your chilly bottle to keep them frozen? They’ll make for the perfect snack during your day out.   If you have a few flasks and bottles, pop some ice in one too, a great way to freshen up drinks throughout the day.


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