We think it’s fair to say that potty training can be a stressful time for all involved.  Making that leap out of nappies is a big one.  The pivotal and tricky milestone of potty training requires patience, time, and preparation.  There is no single way to best train your toddler because every child is different.

When Claudi & Fin co-founder Lucy was ready to start potting training with her two little ones, she discovered My Carry Potty which became a lifesaver when she was out and about with Claudia and Henry.

So, when it comes to advice to help with the toilet transition, who better to ask than the experts at My Carry Potty.


Check out their 5 top tips on how you can do your best with potty training.

Toddler with toilet training seat and step in bathroom

Be Patient

When you think your little one is ready, you need to be as relaxed and patient about it as you can.  Potty training isn’t a quick win – it can take roughly a year.  So don’t get stressed and don’t compare your child’s progress to others.  It’s important to remember that every child is different – they learn to walk and talk at different times and potty training is no different.

Timing is Key

Your little one needs to be ready so lookout for the signs.  Things like them showing an interest in the bathroom is a good indication.  If they’re starting to do little things by themselves, like wanting to get dressed or undressed, or they’re getting better at feeding themselves, these are good signs that they’re ready to move onto a new stage and that they’re keen to be independent.   Also, if their nappies are dryer during the day indicates that their muscles are becoming stronger which will lead to fewer accidents. 

And remember, you need to be ready too!  Don’t begin potty training if there is a change in circumstance: such as if your little one is unwell; there’s a new baby in the family; you’ve moved house; you’ve got a lot on a work.  Wait for a time that is right so that you can focus on the task in hand.

Toddler sat on potty holding a yellow balloon

Praise Be!

Be positive and give lots of positive reinforcements – remember small steps are a BIG deal so pile on the praise.  Don’t become cross when accidents happen (which they will, many times!). It can become frustrating when potty training but remember little ones do not want to disappoint you as a parent so positivity is key!  Use rewards to keep things on track but you want to keep the focus on potty training, not receiving a ‘prize’.  So keep rewards either non-material (a hug, a song, phoning a grandparent or godparent to share the success, whatever it takes…!), or small as you don’t want to create too much pressure.

Ignore the myths

We could write a whole blog post on the myths around potty training (in fact, check out this great post over on My Carry Potty here)  so needless to say they are best ignored.  A common one is that boys are harder to potty train than girls. It comes up a lot but there’s no evidence to show it’s true.  The key is to focus on your child and remember that you know them better than anyone else.

Toddler on a beach wearing jeans and white tee shirt

Potty training on the go

Whilst many parents may set aside time to potty train and never leave the house, this isn’t always practical!  Many feel confident when they’re at home but dread going out with a potty training little one in tow.   But if you’re prepared, things might go better than you expect.  In fact, always think the best rather than the worst on days out and always take your potty or trainer seat with you if you can*.  Before you leave, make sure your little one has a last-minute visit to the loo – making this part of their routine from day one will be worth it in the long run.  And start with short visits – a trip to a friend’s house or somewhere they’re familiar with will help build up their confidence.

* My Carry Potty is probably the cutest looking portable potty around!  It comes in lots of colourful character designs including a fox, bumblebee, ladybird, penguin and dinosaur so your child can choose their favourite.  Check out our latest competition over on Instagram for your chance to win a My Carry Potty Penguin bundle worth over £45.

Here’s why Lolly Lady Lucy loves My Carry Potty.

“The fact that it’s lightweight, leak-free and bag free makes it very convenient.  There’s a handle making it easy to carry and it looks like a cool little suitcase.  My little ones were proud to be seen with their Carry Potty.  In actual fact, it’s so well made, I used it as the main potty at home so the children were familiar with it.”

Two toddlers on a beach carrying My Carry Potty suitcases

THANK YOU so much to the team at My Carry Potty for the great potty training advice.  You can find more advice on toilet training over on the My Carry Potty website and if you have any top tips, we’d love to hear them.   Share any comments over on our Facebook page.

Best of luck!