There’s no beating around the bush, living with sensitive skin, eczema or other skin conditions can be a struggle, with a capital S. The number of people who regularly experience things like skin allergies, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis is on the rise in the UK – so you’re not alone!

If there’s anyone that knows about the suckiness of sensitive skin, soothing flare-ups and ditching the itch, it’s MooGoo. MooGoo have been making products for skin problems and GOO-ing strong for over 15 years, helping thousands clear up their pesky, flaky, red, sore, dry skin.

Whilst their products speak for themselves, we asked the team of experts to share their top tips on how to keep skin calm, clear and comforted when it’s overreacting.

Keep in mind that skin conditions are highly personal, and what works for someone else may not work for you. So, you’ll need to do a bit of experimenting to find a routine that works for you and your skin.

So Moo Goo, over to you…

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Keep your cool

Warmer temperatures bring blood flow closer to the surface and stimulate the sweat glands, which can trigger or exaggerate flare-ups, itching and discomfort on the skin. If you can, try to keep your indoor spaces a bit cooler, around 18 to 21°C is ideal. Keep your cool in the bedroom too. A cooler room will soothe your skin and also help you get more restful sleep. Win win!


Hold the hot baths and showers

We all love a hot, steamy shower in the morning or after a long, hard day, but did you know that hot water can actually dry out the skin and also damage its surface? This all leads to drier, itchier and more irritable skin – as if you needed more of that. Keep showers and baths on the cooler side. It doesn’t have to be cold, but if it’s causing the mirror to fog up it’s probably too hot. Cooler showers are also good for circulation.

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    Flick Overpowering Fragrances

    Any products that include strong scents are likely to irritate your skin due to the harsh and strong chemicals used to create most fragrances. If it smells artificial, it probably is and might be best to steer clear. While essential oils are great, they aren’t so great for sensitive skin, so keep an eye out for these when selecting products.

    Clean the slate

    The most overlooked part of any skincare routine is often the cleanse. Skin needs to be clean, but using harsh detergents can strip skin of its natural oils, keeping it in a constantly irritated state. This is why skin problems seem to stick around or keep coming back uninvited. We recommend cleansing skin with a natural, gentle wash that gets the job done without the unnecessary trauma. Synthetic sulfates like SLS do clean, but they can also do more damage than good, leaving skin dry, itchy and screaming for salvation. Keeping skin clean doesn’t have to be a damaging ordeal.  For anyone affected by skin conditions such as eczema, it’s important to maintain a healthy skin barrier function to help prevent irritation from environmental triggers and reduce the occurrence of flare-ups.

    Make time to moisturise

    Keeping skin hydrated is more important than you may think. When skin is dry, it’s much easier for germs and irritants to pass through the skin barrier. This can cause dermatitis to develop, sensitivities to start and get those flare-ups to start firing again. Be sure to moisturise skin within 3 minutes after bathing or showering to ‘lock’ moisture in. Moisturising after bathing, or even after just washing your hands, helps to form a barrier on the skin, preventing those pesky germs from entering the body which can cause dermatitis or an annoying reaction to occur.

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