Allow us to introduce you to our friends over at Banjo Robinson, who turn reading, writing and learning about the world into a magical game for kids, ages 5+! Banjo is a globetrotting cat who travels the world and sends his penpals personalised letters and creative activities, twice a month, from the exciting destinations that he visits! Banjo opens up the world to children, teaching them about different cultures, cuisines, traditions and the importance of empathy, inclusion and kindness!

Meet Banjo – The Magical Cat

Banjo sends a big, beautiful world map poster with his first letter so that children can track along with him on his travels. Every package that arrives in the post for your child includes a beautifully illustrated, personalised story (written by a bestselling children’s author), stickers, reply stationery, a colouring-in sheet, a recipe card and country travel guide packed with fun facts and activities! 

Children can use the reply stationery included to write back to Banjo – and they do, with 9/10 children willingly responding to their new magical pen pal! They then pop their replies under the sofa for overnight collection by the United Paws Postal Service. This works much like the tooth fairy does and parents can keep these responses as mementos of their child’s early writing. Parents can add a special message to the end of every letter their child receives by logging into their online account – replying to their child’s questions to Banjo or referencing recent events in their lives!

Banjo Robinson

The result? True magic! Children can’t wait to receive their letters from Banjo and, in a time where international travel continues to be largely restricted, children can still explore the world, from the comfort of their own home (and with a Claudi & Fin lolly in hand!).

If you are interested in embarking on a magical adventure with Banjo Robinson this summer, you can sign up to receive a FREE map, stickers, creative activities and two personalised letters from Banjo today! Simply follow this link and input discount code: LOLLY at checkout.

Banjo Robinson


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Lots of lolly luck!