Snuggling up with a good book – there’s nothing better!  Taking some time out to stop, to be calm and to dive into the pages of a great read is, for many, the highlight of the day.  So it’s no wonder we want our kids to be confident, happy readers who get pleasure from diving into a world between the pages.

If you’ve got little ones who are starting out on their reading journey, we thought we’d speak to someone who knows a thing or two about books to share some of her top tips on how we can help our children to develop a love of reading.

Camilla Macoun, founder of The Bear Can Read, is a mum of three and previously a children’s educational publisher.  Here Camilla shares her tip tops to help your child fall in love with reading. 

Make a morning of it

Small child reading a book

Kids love waking up to a surprise. The first couple of hours of the day is when children tend to be the happiest, so make a plan for the morning. Get them excited about reading with a book-themed breakfast. The night before, choose a book at the right reading level for each child and set them on the breakfast table – then enjoy reading in the morning with their favourite breakfast: banana pancakes, waffles, eggs… push the boat out.  Green eggs and ham anyone?

Let bedtime be 20 minutes later

Most children will do anything to stay up a little later!  So, let them stay up 20 minutes later if they snuggle up and read to you. Especially if younger siblings are already in bed, it’s the perfect opportunity to find some quiet time to listen to your little one reading.

little boy leaning against a tree

Take it in turns

Some children find reading aloud intimidating so share the reading with them. Read one page each, taking it in turns. The new Word Sparks series is absolutely perfect for this as there is a page for an adult to read and then a page for the child. These books are available for all the Book Band levels, so you can find one matched to your child’s reading stage.

    Little girl sat in a window reading a book

    Make a reading den

    One for the weekend or school holidays, or even if you have a free morning or afternoon, why not make a reading den? Task the kids with finding all the pillows, grab a large sheet and some chairs and make them into a den. Everyone gets to bring their favourite book, so take it in turns to listen to each other read inside your cosy space.

    kids reading in a den

    Switch it up

    Some children associate bringing books home in the book bag as ‘homework’ and as a task to do (or to avoid). It can be hard to motivate them to read when they feel they have to do it. This is where The Bear Can Read can help. The Bear Can Read send bundles of phonics activities and books (including the new Word Sparks series), matched to your child’s reading level, right to your front door. Not only will your little one love to see a colourful package addressed to them arriving, but they’ll be thrilled to rip open the box to find it brimming with new books, activities and treats, all selected for their reading stage.

      Contents of The Bear Can Read book bundle

      And finally, aim for at least 10 minutes listening to your child read to you every day, but if they’re not motivated one day, read to them instead – or get them to choose an eBook from Oxford Owl’s free eBook library. Try not to make reading a chore by enforcing it, but instead get creative with these reading activities.

      Mother and daughter reading together

      The Bear Can Read is creating a new chapter for parents and children offering the reading support they need from home. A subscription service for families with children aged 2-7, The Bear Can Read offers a clear path to reading success.  Making phonics simple and playful with personalised monthly bundles delivered direct to your door.  Going on a bear hunt, has never been more rewarding and fun. 

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      New subscribers using the code Lollies10 can take advantage of a 50% discount, with the first box only £10.

      Thanks so much Camilla for sharing your advice and happy reading lolly lovers!

      Lucy. x