As the nights heat up it can be tricky to know how to keep your little one cool, safe and comfortable as they snooze. Our friends at Purflo, who are the experts in Baby Sleep, have got some great tips to share with you to make hot nights a breeze…

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Keep the room temperature cool

We know it’s easier said than done in the UK, where most houses don’t have air conditioning, but doing what you can to keep a baby’s room cool is really important. A chilly baby will wake up and let you know they are cold, whereas overheating can be harmful for babies. The recommended temperature for the room a baby sleeps in is 16 – 20 degrees C.

If you have a very sunny room during the day keep curtains closed to block out hot sun on the glass. As the sun goes down and the air cools in the evening, then open the windows to let the fresh evening air circulate.

It is best not to point a fan directly at your baby, but having one in the room can help cool air circulate. You could try putting a bowl of ice in front of it for DIY air con!

Dress lightly for sleep

Changes in temperature can force changes in routine that you may not want! If your baby or toddler is used to going to bed in a baby sleep bag, suddenly removing it may make it difficult for them to settle. Keep things familiar by dressing them in a light single layer or just their nappy, and using a Purflo 0.5tog Baby Sleep Bag. These lightweight bedding solutions have breathable panels under the arms and on the back of the neck, and can be used in rooms up to 27 degrees C. Have a look at our what to wear guide to check the guidance for how to dress your little one as the room temperature changes.

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Look for natural and breathable materials

Many of us have felt the difference between wearing natural cotton vs synthetic fibres on a warm night, and know that natural materials feel cooler, but have you considered the mattress? Many cot and child mattresses are made of polyurethane foam or memory foam. These crude oil-based materials are warmer to lie on than natural fibres, so when you’re kitting out your little one’s room look for a mattress made of natural fibres or breathable materials to help them stay cool.

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Purflo are the experts in baby sleep, leading the way in science and design-led baby sleep products for over 25 years.

For more expert advice, clever tips and nifty night-time products head to, or listen to the Science Of Sleep Podcast.


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