Claudi & Fin launched in 2014 when founders Lucy and Meriel couldn’t find lollies in the supermarket that didn’t contain trucks loads of sugar or scary sounding ingredients. Wanting to treat their children, Claudia and Fin, to lollies they would love but that were on the healthier side, was the driving force of the business. So we get excited about other snack and food brands that are doing something similar.

We just love iLove SNACKS and wanted to share more about this fab brand with you. Amanda Cook created iLOVE SNACKS in 2016 with a simple vision – to create a range of snacks using naturally healthy produce and ingredients that tasted amazing, and that everyone could access. 

Her ambition was to build a brand that delivers and communicates attributes related to health & wellness, ethics, and the environment. We caught up with Amanda to find out a little more about the iLove SNACKS brand.

Tell us a little about your I Love Snacks?  What’s your brand ethos and when did you launch?

I started the business in 2016 with a simple vision to create a range of naturally healthy snacks that were deliciously tasty, made with great ingredients and were accessible for everyone.

How did it come about and what were you doing before setting it up?

Around 10 years ago whilst in New York I had food poisoning, I was given coconut water to help keep me hydrated and I couldn’t believe how well I felt after drinking it. 3 months later I launched my own brand. At that time, coconut water wasn’t readily available in the UK, and within a few months of launching, Vita Coco launched in the UK. Unfortunately, the coconut water business failed however every cloud has a silver lining as I met Claudio Verrilli through the coconut water. Claudio’s a supplier of the most delicious Olives from Sicily supplying some of the finest hotels and restaurants in London. I persuaded him to go into business with me as I felt everybody should be able to eat real, healthy, tasty snacks and we started with just his olives.

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Was there a turning point when you thought ‘yes, I’m now really onto something’?

I started the business with just one olive snack and our first ever order was for 380,000 packs of olive to Delta Airlines, it was then I knew I had something.

What has been your proudest moment in business?

Launching in Starbucks in Germany, Bulgaria and Czech Republic.

What advice would you give to other people thinking of starting a business?

Be prepared to do everything necessary in the business, I’ve cleaned the floors many times.

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What’s next for you and the business?

Our mission is to be the go-to brand for deliciously tasty snacks and our vision is to become a global supplier of premium, quality snacks done well, under one universal brand. 

If you could sum up your working style in three words, what would they be?

Fair, optimistic & perseverance.

You can find out more about iLove SNACKS by visiting the website here.

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